spirit-pyethon-avatar-640I was born in 1951 and grew up in a family of four with one brother and two sisters. We were a close
family with less than three years between the
siblings. My father left the family home due to mental health problems when I was four years old. We were allowed to see him at our grandmothers’ home every Sunday. The loss of our father affected the family in varying degrees.
My oldest sister who was a year younger than me and my twin brother was affected most. She was very close to him and was traumatized for a long time. I was buffered to a large degree from this event by my twin brother. My youngest sister seemed to have coped with this a lot better.
I had a happy childhood and was nurtured physically and emotionally by my mother and siblings. I took an interest in electronics after receiving a “learning lab” present for Christmas. I wasn’t particularly academic as a child and marginally failed the 11 plus exam along with my brother which resulted in us attending the local secondary modern school. We gained no qualifications after four years education at this school but gained admittance to a technical college after passing a basic maths and English test.
I left the college along with my brother after four years with “O” and “A” level qualifications in technical subjects. I gained a place at SALFORD UNIVERSITY to study ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING. I failed the second year due to a combination of reasons and started work as a TV SERVICE ENGINEER. I moved on to industrial engineering and sustained a back injury in 1976 which affected my life style.

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