I’m not an economist but it appears that the way the milk industry is run is a shambles. Failing to pay producers enough to meet cost plus a reasonable profit is not in the consumers’ interest. What is needed is a price RISE across the industry – that means ME and YOU! 49P a pint is very low for a nutritious commodity like milk. This crisis is nothing new – for decades our farmers have been squeezed by the industry in this highly competitive market. The result I believe has been deterioration in the quality of milk. Milk today doesn’t seem to be the same as yesteryear – Nothing like the creamy milk I used to buy from EXPRESS DAIRIES in MANCHESTER in the 70s. There also appears to have been a lot of skinny cows in the fields in CUMBRIA after shedding this year. If this perception is real what is the cause? 60p should be the minimum price for a pint of milk. What do you pay for a fizzy drink full of sugar?

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