Because of repeated blunders by the D.W.P. (The department for work and
pensions) I am now left with no income. Before reaching the qualifying age for
pension credits I was sent a letter by the D.W.P. asking me to choose between
E.S.A. (Employment and support allowance) which I was receiving and pension
credits which I would soon be entitled to. I chose pension credits. I applied
by phone a month before the qualifying date and was told by the advisor that it would be held on file until
that time. I later received a letter telling me to close my claim for E.S.A. as
pension credits couldn’t be processed with it open. This I did by phone. From
that point I had no income. Over a month later I phoned pension credits as it
hadn’t been paid in and they told me that I would have to re-apply as my E.S.A.
claim was still live. It took THREE phone calls to the D.W.P. to get this claim
closed down. I am still waiting for pension credits to be processed.


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