I have contacted an Arboricultural Consultant at the local Council after writing to my M.P. (Member or Parliament) regarding the felling of trees in the district.

Dear sir,


I have been informed that you are or this department is responsible for drawing up regulations regarding the procedures involving the felling of trees in this district. After making inquiries it appears that there are no regulations regarding the felling of trees on private land when no preservation order is in force.



I have written to my M.P. (Member of parliament)  Mr. T Farron regarding this matter. I have suggested that a more rigorous verification procedure be required before a tree felling can take place and that a replacement tree be planted in a communal wood. He agrees that there is a case for such important changes to the local environment be brought before the Parish Council or at least to residence who live in the immediate vicinity before work takes place. He has written to the Secretary of State for communities and local government to ask him to outline current procedure in such instances and put forward my recommendations for changes in policy. His letter was passed on to Mr N. Boles M.P. Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Planning) because of his responsibility for tree protection. The minister replied and informed him that the regulations regarding this matter were decided by each local authority. This includes the extent of any consultation with local residence and whether tree planting would be appropriate. As it appears there are no regulations relating to private property I would be grateful if you could inform me of the procedures regarding other cases.

I have suggested that before a felling can take place:

a) Rigorous verification by a surveyor be required.


b) Local residence should be informed.


c) A replacement tree be planted in a communal wood.

The latter measure would highlight the importance of trees and engender a sense of responsibility to nature. If the tree or sapling be labelled as having been planted by the family or individual then those people especially youngsters will develop a connection with nature. They will also gain a sense of pride as they see their efforts blossom into fully grown trees over the years.

These measures should apply to trees on private or public land.

The consultant in this field referred me to the councils’ trees and hedges section of their website, which details the councils’ tree management procedures,





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