Three more birds have been found dead in the area. A juvenile rook was spotted near a tree beside a footpath. It appeared to have lain there for over a week.

A crow chick around two weeks old was found on the pavement by the main road metres away from where a dead rat was seen two days earlier.

A juvenile rook was spotted in a field near the footpath huddled at a tree stump. It couldn’t fly and scuttled away as I approached it. I managed to catch it and brought it home. It was very weak and appeared to be suffering from a virus infection or poisoning. It can stand and walk okay despite its left foot being paralysed. It’s taking liquid feed and making steady progress.

Small bird/chick found metres away from the rat this afternoon (23/06/13). Unrecognised species. Just feathers remaining. Not a crow. Ref: Bird 8



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