I recently had occasion to visit a German newspaper site and was disappointed and annoyed that I was blocked from reading the articles! The reason being that I have an ad-blocker installed. However if I were so desperate to read this particular newspaper they would let me if I signed up for a subscription at a cost of €19.99 per year. For this very reasonable price, I would get the paper up to twice as fast and with up to 90% less ads. Is this extortion or sound commercial sense? The paper has to make money somehow and not everyone has an ad-blocker; have they tried charging the merchants double for delivering their ads? Somehow getting my debit card out and stumping up the money would leave me feeling slightly “poorly”. I would rather go to the news-stand and pay for a “real” paper which you can feel and which stays where you put it and slowly turns yellow over the ages – and the ads don’t blink, flash or give you an epileptic fit! The site in question is “”.


I’ve not tried this device but the company states that it will block ads on a TV set.

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