“Science is a process, not a product.”

This post is NOT about climate change.


A study has been carried out to determine the cause of statin side-effects.

According to the results of this study the side-effects of taking statins weren’t caused by the drug itself but psychologically – a kind of hypnotic effect; Belief is a very powerful force, which is why serious studies are always conducted “double-blind” (Where neither the patient nor doctor knows whether the pills are real or dummies.)

This appears to be a very serious study professionally carried out, but there are serious caveats; The lead author of the study takes the drug himself and the study was paid for by Pfizer – the producer of the drug. This doesn’t mean that the results aren’t genuine, but one would be more confident if such a study were financed by an independent body.

An ecological study


Is the “good health” industry distorting science to create a “band-wagon” effect?

A study by Harvard University has found no correlation between gluten and coronary heart disease.

Put it ON your body, not IN your body!

The way to good health is glutton free! – and TRANS fat!

Lose weight and look fit – but don’t overdo it!



“As YOU have told us, science is critical to our future – science protects our water and air, extends our lives and improves our health, protects our planet, and brings our imagination to life.”

Science has also given us the labour saving technologies that we have become used to – many of which wouldn’t have been possible in a repressive society. It was only by living in a free and democratic society that those inquiring minds were able to do experiments and publish and develop their ideas.




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