Even the clever ones are idiots



Total freedom is the recipe for anarchy.


The National and Domestic History of England (1867) by William Hickman Smith Aubrey. The British Library.


The BALTIMORE MUSEUM OF ART will only acquire works by women in 2020!


The feminist movement has contributed hugely to giving women equal rights and opportunities as men. But this movement has slowly been hi-jacked by a movement whose goal is not equality but domination. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong in this as women have been dominated by men for millennia. However if this goal were to be realized then inevitably it would have an impact on scientific and technical progress. If this extreme form of feminism existed at the year dot then we would still be living in caves! Man and woman are different; they are physically different, psychologically different and spiritually different. They have different interests, desires and aspirations. They are so different that they can almost be regarded as a different species!


So a woman with little mental attributes but lots of physical attributes doesn’t get a chance?

Monitor the midterm elections to check the validity of this view.


Misogyny per se isn’t a crime and so isn’t misandry. The issue is when someone with these feelings acts on them and commits a crime. These crimes should be dealt with proportionally as with any crime. However I have been left with some confusion over an article on the Express news website. (1st Nov 2018) LBC radio host Nick Ferrari asked anti-hate campaigner Martha Jephcott which was more important “catching a burglar or wolf-whistler” The question doesn’t make sense because wolf-whistling is not and never was about misogyny. When I was young, boys or men would sometimes wolf-whistle at an attractive woman who went by and nobody would complain. What they were really expressing was “how good looking they were,” and perhaps also, “I wish I was going with her.” It was a compliment and not an insult. There seems to be a lot of confusion in society especially regarding male and female roles.


“I sometimes think (not entirely seriously, but it bears examination) that we’d all be a lot happier if we were obliged by law to stay at home for five years – or maybe three – after having each baby, and then went back to work.”

GOSSIP: Female strategy in the mating game.

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