Frothing foaming bacon has landed on earth! A once docile food has suddenly become aggressive. Instead of calmly sizzling away in the frying pan as it has been doing for time immemorial it now starts to foam like a rabid dog! It starts off okay but after a minute or so the froth is so thick that it’s impossible to see when it’s cooked. Which planet is it from? Which galaxy is it from? Is it safe? Having nervously consumed it one evening I was relieved to find that I was still alive the next day. But what’s causing it? I tried a different oil and I tried different brands but it was still the same. Then I purchase some loose bacon and was delighted to find it behaving normally; It only affects the vacuum packs. A quick search on the web revealed that I was not the only one affected by this hideous substance. Apparently it’s been known for some time but has only affected these parts recently. (Cumbria)


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