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September 26, 2011

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September 25, 2011

After spending about a week in B+Bs I decided to buy camping gear as the credit was getting low. It cost me £80 in taxi fares to get some of the birds to safety. The tent I bought came without a fly-sheet and after days of mopping out due to bad weather I bought a second tent slightly bigger with an integral fly-sheet. I was in a pleasant location on National Trust land next to a stream and hills. After two weeks camping (approx) I returned one evening to find the tents gone. “Crashing down” behind the wall wasn’t an option – 40 years ago, maybe but not at 60. On the way back to the road I was met by a farmer who informed me that the tents had been taken by the National Park ranger and taken to the police station ten miles away. It was too late to recover them so I headed towards the nearest village and stayed overnight at a roadside Inn.
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