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August 24, 2012



On the 26th June 2012 a tree was felled on open land in a picturesque market town in Cumbria UK. A further tree nearby had its branches removed and later felled. The trees were part of many in the area and one of them was at least (estimated) fifty feet tall and had been used by nesting rooks a few weeks earlier. I contacted the Council regarding this and later received a voice mail explaining that the trees were damaging an adjacent property. I later received a letter from the Council stating that they hadn’t given any instructions regarding the trees and are awaiting a response from the Housing association who own the land. The reasons for the fellings were unclear they stated and it was being investigated.


August 19, 2012




This is an extract from South Lakeland News issue 20 which seeks public views on dog control orders which are being considered.


As part of the consultation, we are also asking seeking public opinion on a public byelaw to give police the relevant power to take action in response to public urination and defecation in the street.”


In the current economic climate hard and unpleasant choices have to be made and people are struggling to get by. One unpleasantness I’ve never been faced with is being confronted by someone defecating in the street! The last time I witnessed a person urinating in a public place was in the last century when I lived in a city. What people may be concerned about apart from their health, the welfare of their kids, being mugged or their finances is to be able to take a walk without worrying about where their feet are treading or if it’s safe for youngsters to play in the park without contracting a disease. People defecating in the street is not high on peoples minds when they leave the house – get real!