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July 19, 2012


I’m not an economist but it appears that the way the milk industry is run is a shambles. Failing to pay producers enough to meet cost plus a reasonable profit is not in the consumers’ interest. What is needed is a price RISE across the industry – that means ME and YOU! 49P a pint is very low for a nutritious commodity like milk. This crisis is nothing new – for decades our farmers have been squeezed by the industry in this highly competitive market. The result I believe has been deterioration in the quality of milk. Milk today doesn’t seem to be the same as yesteryear – Nothing like the creamy milk I used to buy from EXPRESS DAIRIES in MANCHESTER in the 70s. There also appears to have been a lot of skinny cows in the fields in CUMBRIA after shedding this year. If this perception is real what is the cause? 60p should be the minimum price for a pint of milk. What do you pay for a fizzy drink full of sugar?


July 15, 2012

A few years ago I discovered a fossil at the Boundary of the town. Not being a geologist I submitted images of it to this website under “IDENTIFICATION” … … So far no definite conclusion has been established. If you are knowledgeable in this field feel free to pitch in with your suggestions.


July 6, 2012

Interviewed by the cockatiel he was asked how he felt about the momentous discovery. He said “I was thrilled when I saw the data pointing to the illusive antigraviton – but it may have been something else!”


July 5, 2012


Yes! Byteman working in his bedroom along with the budgies on a pittance of an income may have discovered the antigraviton. This could have profound effects on the evolution of the universe. Ever since Man split off from the budgies billions of years ago he has been searching for this particle – now he has HALF  discovered it! I’m desperately searching through the scientific archives to find a paper by Clide Tombaugh declaring his almost discovery of Pluto or by Chadwicks’ almost discovery of the neutron!