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October 30, 2016

“It’s never going to be a good idea to try to take a topless picture of yourself while driving. And it’s even a worse idea to drink and get behind the wheel. But, having done both, the last thing you need to do is plough into a police car as well. Student Miranda Rader, however, was guilty of all three at once in her 4×4, according to a police account of the incident.”

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October 22, 2016


October 19, 2016

Extra-terrestrial life.

Brian Cox believes that we haven’t contacted E.T. yet because their technological development was so rapid and powerful that there wasn’t enough time for their society to deal with it and it destroyed them. He reckons we may be going the same way.
This may very well apply to human beings on the planet Earth but it is “putting the cart before the horse” when talking about extra-terrestrials. It is often stated in the scientific press or on TV that “because of the age and size of the universe there is BOUND to be a civilisation much more advanced than our own.” This assumes that there ARE other life forms out there. This is flawed logic; you can’t come to a statistical conclusion from a sample of one! It’s like saying there is one Mona Lisa so there must be millions! It is just as likely that we are the only life forms to have ever existed in the universe. Interestingly enough Enrico Fermi, a renowned physicist, was one of the first people to consider this “problem”. I thought these people were intelligent and logical! Maybe they weren’t people at all – but aliens!


October 12, 2016


October 9, 2016

A French blogger feels intimidated after being warned against asking “difficult” questions.

Jean-claude Junker under fire from Laetitia Birbes on Youtube

Jean-claude Junker under fire from Laetitia Birbes on Youtube

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