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December 16, 2017

How demeaning to see Britain grovelling to the E.U. mandarins to come to a trade deal. Apparently our homework is now good enough and we can now go out to play. I know that the “divorce” is complicated and people’s wealth and livelihoods are at stake but is it worth losing our dignity. No one really knows if we would be better or worse off without a deal. In the short term I suspect that there would be job losses and standards of living would fall but we would have recovered from that and retained our self respect.

Brexit ‘a mistake, not a disaster’ : ex-PM Cameron

Now we could get caned!


The E.U. proposes to sanction the U.K. if it breaks the rules of the transition agreement. This period is intended to smooth the transition from our current trading arrangements with the E.U. and those which we want to sign with other countries. However if these new conditions prevent the U.K. from preparing for this there doesn’t seem to be much point in it; we might as well reconsider the trade deal and leave next year. A lot of countries in the E.U. have now become disenchanted with the whole project and do not want to lose any more sovereignty and some are courting a similar exit. It may be better for the E.U. to re-think the whole idea and consider something similar to the original “common market” model (Treaty of Rome 1957).

Click to access TR.1.Treaty-of-Rome.pdf


Do they know what they’re doing?