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October 8, 2017

Bag the F.S.A. and sling it in the bin – after sterilising it!

An article in the Daily Mail (Oct 2nd 2017) by G.Odling headed “COULD BAGS FOR LIFE END UP SPREADING DEADLY BUGS?” places the onus of food safety on the consumer. The F.S.A. informs us that the packaging of raw foods can harbour dangerous bacteria and we should take steps to protect ourselves. This is ludicrous. Consumers shouldn’t be expected to take home food in contaminated packaging.
They will also no longer check supermarket chickens for campylobacter on the grounds that “supermarkets and their suppliers had made significant progress in taking action to reduce levels in their products.” Volkswagen have made “significant progress” after fiddling the emission levels of their cars but their cars are still being checked; roadside monitors continually check the air for pollution; restaurants and cafes are repeatedly checked. It is the duty of all in the food chain from farm to kitchen to supply us with safe and wholesome food and the duty of the F.S.A. to make sure that this is the case with REPEATED checks.

“It’s important to note that -18°C is actually the minimum temperature required by regulations and anything found to be warmer than this should not be served.” [Should read ‘MAXIMUM’]





April 5, 2017

But they must have the slots in them!